Turtle’s World

Cover Art
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Turtle loves summer and Turtle loves fall, but when winter draws near, Turtle decides change is too hard. This delightfully sweet, beautifully-illustrated children’s book follows Turtle as he learns to cope with change by leaning on his friends and making himself a place to call home.

Turtle’s First Winter lends itself to lessons in reading development, science, emotional intelligence, and much more. Key words are also hidden in the illustrations for word finding fun. It is the first children’s picture book by Sara Beth Videtto.

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All content and images copyright © Sara Beth Videtto. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Turtle’s World

  1. This is a great book that I have loved sharing with all the little ones in my life. The pictures are amazing. The story and hidden words keep them entertained; it has been so fun to watch them enjoy Turtle.

  2. This beautifully written and creatively illustrated read and find story book has captured my heart in more ways than one. I love how this little turtle learns to embrace change with his friend’s love, support and encouragement along the way. I can say I am a little biased, as the author is my beautifully talented daughter. I am so proud of what she has created with her first book and I love how she is sharing it with others. I have fallen in love with this little turtle, his friends, and his story, and it has been a complete joy watching others fall in love with it too. Go Turtle!

  3. Each time we attend a book reading for Turtle’s First Winter I am in awe of how excited the children are to hear Turtle’s Story. This book is truly amazing, the story is capturing, and the illustrations done by Sara herself, are breathtaking. The story teaches a lesson that change is okay and your family and friends will be there to help you through it. As if that wasn’t enough this book is a search and find book, with certain words cleverly hidden in the illustrations for children (and adults) to find while they read. The best review of this book though is that our 3-year-old loves reading it each night before bed!

  4. This is a wonderful children’s story. My 5 year old has enjoyed practicing his reading and finding the hidden words. It is not only fun and entertaining but also presents a fantastic lesson for little ones.

  5. My four year old son fell in love with Turtle and his friends right away. We have been reading the story again and again, discovering new words and details in the gorgeous illustrations. Perfect read for the changing of the seasons or any other change in the lives of our little ones!

  6. This is a special children’s story about a turtle experiencing change and worrying about the outcome, eventually learning change is something to embrace, not fear. It’s a great teaching opportunity with beautiful illustrations accompanying the story. Great for all age groups!! Highly recommend it!

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