Octopus Update and More

Hello dear friends! Two quick updates. First, here’s a sneak peak at Octopus from my upcoming book “Orly and Octopus”! Second, for those of you expecting “Orly and Octopus” to splash onto the literary scene in the next couple months, I must inform you that I’ve decided to delay the release….but it’s for a wonderful… Continue reading Octopus Update and More

2nd Turtle Book!

Calling all Turtle fans! “Springtime with Turtle” is now well underway! When Bear and Turtle wake up from hibernating, Bear is devastated to find that his favorite berry bush is damaged. He is so sad. He loses control of his emotions and roars so loudly he even blows Wise Owl right over! Find out how… Continue reading 2nd Turtle Book!

Introducing Another Book!

What do a little girl, an octopus, and scuba-clad fireflies like to do together? Help each other read, of course! I recently uncovered a story I wrote several years ago called, “The Octopus Who Liked to Read at Night.” The title will likely be changed to “Orly and Octopus,” but time will tell for sure! Either… Continue reading Introducing Another Book!