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New books are currently underway!

Calling all Turtle fans! Turtle is set to explore spring, summer, and fall – each in its own book! Check back for updates for “Springtime with Turtle”!

springtime with turtle front cover

After a long, cold winter, Bear is devastated to find that his favorite berry bush is damaged. He is so sad. He loses control of his emotions and roars so loudly he even blows Wise Owl right over! Find out how Turtle, Wise Owl, a shovel, and a shopping cart help Bear solve his problem and learn to control his emotions.

In a third Turtle book, Turtle spends summer traveling and meets all different types of turtles. Turtle’s final seasonal book brings us to fall. Stay tuned for updates!

And, finally, music is in the air! A world of instruments is being collaged as you read. Publication date TBD.

For those of you expecting Octopus and Turtle books to debut sooner, I apologize; after much thought, I have decided to take time with my newborn and 4-year-old delaying the release of future books.

Connect with me on Twitter@sarabethvidetto for updates and progress pics!


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